The Brand Path

A brand is an evolving perception — based upon every interaction with the product — that lives in the mind of the consumer.
As a brand evolves, it follows a path. We can either define that path and guide the brand to success, or we can let the brand wander aimlessly, hoping that along the way, enough customers are attracted to it that it builds a following.
The Brand Path is a process created by Lorenz Advertising. We utilize it with our clients as a creative way to assist in the definition, creation and growth of a brand.

Self Analysis
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Brand Identity
Value Proposition
Brand/Customer Relationship
Brand Position

The initial definition and creation of a brand is a one-time effort. The Brand Position is where we allow the evolution in perception to take place. The evolution is the result of listening to and correctly interpreting the feedback from our audience about the credibility of our communication as well as the quality of the execution of our marketing efforts.

Above is a visual representation of the Brand Path. As the image demonstrates, the Brand Position is at the crux of our efforts. Therefore, understanding what a brand is and how we define it is critical to our success.