2002 July
This was one of those days that one only reads about in books or articles about extreme adventure or maybe in some 50-year-old guy’s list of his top 50 memories.

While searching for geodes, agate and other minerals in the desert near the Little Chuckwalla Mountains in Imperial County, CA, the temperature soared to 118º. I had enough water and food to keep me hydrated and energized, so surviving wouldn’t be the issue.

In the early afternoon, I was hungry, so I opened a Honey Oat Granola bar and put half of it into my mouth. Obviously, the bar was dry and the day was hot. So, I removed my water bottle from my pack. My water had become incredibly hot during the day – even to the touch. But, not caring much about the temperature of my drinks in general, I opened the bottle and poured some into my mouth.

The water was so hot that within seconds, the granola bar transformed into soft, hot oatmeal. It was a completely unexpected moment, yet it all made perfect sense.

Later, I walked down a ravine and slipped on something. I immediately thought, “Hmm, I don’t remember seeing any water or plants beneath my feet.” So, I turned around and there was the waffle sole of my running shoe sitting atop the rock from which I’d slipped. Again, about two hours later, I slipped again, looked back and saw the other shoe sole lying on the ground.

That day, I found better memories than I did rocks.